This is the official website of ZEN EI KAN INTERNATIONAL (ZEKI). Founded in 2018, ZEKI is an international association specializing in philosophy, principles and practice of traditional martial arts.  Our purpose is to inspire excellence on and off the mat, and our mission is to build a global community passionate about developing people, committed to technical excellence, and dedicated to the growth of modern Budo.

HEADQUARTERED in Tigard, OR, Zen Ei Kan International has a reach history tracing back to the opening of our first branch in the US in 1974.  In addition, for each of the arts we practice, ZEKI maintains an unbroken lineage directly to the founder of each art.

The association is led by an experienced LEADERSHIP team and offers world-class training and rank certification in five distinct DIVISIONS.  In addition, ZEKI is fortunate to have an exemplary ADVISORY BOARD, each of whom help oversee the organization and guide both its growth as well as technical development.

With direct links to Japan and Korea, ZEKI is dedicated to the practice and preservation of the principles of Budo.  We have strong AFFILIATIONS with the top martial arts organizations in each of the arts we practice and a rich history and continued relationship with the senior instructors.

Our commitment to excellence in the practice of modern Budo manifests itself in the exceptional training programs at our headquarters, as well as in the opportunity to train with world-class instructors from abroad, and participate in our annual Japan Study Tours.  ZEKI also hosts a vibrant exchange program whereby members are able to live and train in Japan, and Japanese instructors live and teach at our headquarters.

Today there are AFFILIATED DOJOS in Asia and North America that pursue personal development and mutual welfare through training. If you are interested in learning these principles and joining our international association, please visit our MEMBERSHIP PAGE.