The Zen Ei Kan International organization is led by an experienced and dedicated team of instructors.  Each member of the leadership team has spent years on the mat training and honing their skills as martial artists and instructors.  In addition, each team member brings a rich professional skill set, uniquely suited to the goals of the organization.


Mr. Martyn is the Founder and President of Zen Ei Kan International.  He founded the organization in 2019 at the urging of Mr. Sang Cook Kim and Mr. Tadayuki Satoh, both of whom are SENIOR ADVISORS for the organization.  As President, Mr. Martyn provides leadership and direction for the organization as well as working closely with our Advisory Board to ensure Zen Ei Kan honors its history while simultaneously evolves for the future.

Mr. Martyn began his martial arts training in 1981 and joined Pacific Rim Martial Arts Academy in 1982.  Since 1993, Mr. Martyn has traveled extensively throughout the North America and Asia and trained with numerous martial arts experts.  Mr. Martyn currently holds the following black belt ranks: 8th Dan Ju Sool Kwan Hapkido, 7th Dan Chung Do Kwan TaeKwonDo, 5th Dan Judo, 4th Dan Nihon Jujutsu, 3rd Dan Aikido, and 3rd Dan Ryushin Shouchi Iaido. He is Soke of Ju Sool Kwan Hapkido, Shihandai to Tadayuki Satoh, Shihan for the All Japan Aikido Federation and Jun-Shidoin to Kunikazu Yahagi, Soke of Ryushin Shouchi Ryu.

Mr. Martyn has held a number of senior level positions in international martial arts organizations.  From 1994 to 2014, Mr. Martyn served in a variety of roles for the World Oriental Martial Arts Federation, including Director of the Judo and Jujutsu Divisions and most recently as Vice-President of North America. During his time with WOMAF, Mr. Martyn received 3 Distinguished Service Awards, an Instructor of the Year Award, and a Master Instructor Appointment in 2011.  From 2012 to 2021, Mr. Martyn served the Kokusai Budoin (International Martial Arts Federation) as a Regional Director and Branch Director for the Americas Division.

In 2017, Pacific Rim was chosen as the first International Training Center for USA Judo, and Mr. Martyn was named Director of the program.  In 2019, he was appointed as Vice President of Operations for Renaissance Yawara, an international association dedicated to the practice and preservation of the principles of Jigoro Kano as originally taught and the pedagogy of Kenji Tomiki.

In 2021, Sang Cook Kim appointed Mr. Martyn as his full successor and inheritor of Ju Sool Kwan Hapkido, with ultimate authority regarding promotions, curriculum, and doctrine.


Mr. Lekas is the Vice-President of Technical Direction for Zen Ei Kan International.  In this capacity, he provides technical oversight and quality control for both the rank certification process as well as the vetting of new organizational affiliates.  Mr. Lekas also works closely with Mr. Martyn in the development of organizational curriculum.

Mr. Lekas began his training at Pacific Rim in 1985.  He taught a Hapkido program at Portland State University for 17 years and a Judo program for 11 years.  He currently holds black belt rank in four different arts: 6th Dan Ju Sool Kwan Hapkido, 5th Dan ChungDoKwan TaeKwonDo, 3rd Dan Judo, and 1st Dan Tomiki Aikido.  Mr. Lekas currently is an instructor of the Adult Judo and Hapkido program at Pacific Rim.

In his professional life, Mr. Lekas is a Clinical Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine (DC), a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).  He has been in private practice since 2009, and is a Team Chiropractic Physician for Portland State and University of Portland Athletics.  Mr. Lekas is also an Associate Professor at Portland State University teaching Exercise Physiology and Strength Training.


Eri Muneta is the Director of our International Exchange Programs and based in Tokyo, Japan.  In this capacity, she overseas Zen Ei Kan’s exchange program, sending young judoka to our headquarters to live, study english, and develop their coaching skills.  In addition, Mrs. Muneta assists in the design and execution of our annual Japan Study Tours, and organizes guest instructors to visit from Japan.

Mrs. Muneta started training in Judo when she graduated middle school.  After high school, she attended Tokai University, the top Judo university in Japan.  She graduated from Tokai with a Degree in Physical Education (specialization in Judo) and continued her education and learning English in the United States.  She spent more than a year at Pacific Rim Martial Arts Academy, coaching juniors and adults.  Next, Mrs. Muneta attended Idaho State University, majoring in Athletic Administration and coaching Judo for the ISU Judo team.

After her time at Idaho State University, Mrs. Muneta spent 5 years coaching at Teikyo University of Science and building a successful community Judo program for juniors and adults.  Since 2019, she has taught Physical Education and English at the Junior High School level.  In addition to her work as a teacher, Mrs. Muneta runs her own successful private Judo dojo with her husband, Mr. Yasayuki Muneta.