Our mission at Zen Ei Kan International is “to build a global community passionate about developing people, committed to technical excellence, and dedicated to the growth of modern Budo.”  We seek to accomplish our mission by aligning each of our divisions to an integrated curriculum encompassing educational events, training opportunities, and rank certification.  The following are a list of the services we provide for our members.

Kunikazu Yahagi, Soke, Ryushin Shouchi Ryu Iaido


Each year, ZEKI hosts technical seminars aimed at improving both the quality of our members’ technical skills and their adherence to the associations’ technical standards.  These seminars are taught either at ZEKI headquarters of at an affiliate dojo.  All of our technical seminars are taught by senior ZEKI instructors who hold advanced dan ranks in the content of the seminar.

To ensure the quality of our technical seminars, each ZEKI instructor participates in annual continuing education in each art in which they hold dan rank.  In addition, between our Japan Study Tours and hosting instructors from Japan, we challenge each ZEKI instructor and member to continuously improve their skills and retain an open mind to growth and learning.

Tadayuki Satoh, Shihan, Waseda University


Through our affiliation with Renaissance Yawara, and in particular our relationship with Tadayuki Satoh Sensei, Zen Ei Kan periodically hosts historical seminars which provide our members with valuable information on the history of the martial arts and key figures who have heavily influenced the development of modern Budo. 

Previously, we have hosted seminars on the lives and historical significance of Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo, and Kenji Tomiki, the founder of Tomiki Aikido.  In addition, our members have received lectures on the history of Budo in Japan, the role Budo plays in the development of character, and the importance of including kata, randori and competition in your curriculum.

2017 International Judo Camp


Over the years, ZEKI has hosted numerous training camps.  While there is always a focus on technique in all we do, training camps are open to our members as well as non-members of the Budo community.  In each camp, we rotate instructors and provide participants with a high-energy, immersive experience where they can practice with people of all skill level and learn the tokui-waza (favorite techniques) from different instructors.

We host a Summer Camp each year, featuring Mr. Yasuyuki Muneta, 2x World Champion and 3x Asian Champion.  Mr. Muneta has often brought other high level judoka to ZEKI headquarters to share their knowledge.  We also hold high level camps for USA Judo.  Past Instructors include Tong Wen, Changim An, Kanae Yamabe, Kosuke Tanaka, Megumi Tachimoto, Ed Liddie, and Bryan Olson.

Chung Do Kwan Dan Promotions from Korea


Zen Ei Kan provides its members the opportuntiyt to obtain dan rank in each of our divisions.  Zen Ei Kan follows a dan/kyu ranking system like that used for many other modern martial arts.  Ranking in any of the divisions in Zen Ei Kan is overseen by our President, Michael Martyn, and our Advisory Board.  Senior Instructors (as certified by ZEKI) are permitted to award ranks up to the level of Sandan independently of headquarters.  All Kyu ranks are administered in each respective ZEKI affiliate dojo.

Any person wishing to join ZEKI and certify rank with ZEKI must have verified rank in one of the organizations which we are affiliated.  Prospective members interested in obtaining rank through ZEKI, must be a member in good standing as well as participate in training at headquarters annually (at a minimum).  All certification of ranks when joining ZEKI must be conducted at headquarters.  Rank tests may be arranged around training seminars.

Training at the Kodokan in Tokyo, Japan


Zen Ei Kan hosts annual study tours to Japan.  The agenda and content of the tours focuses on on instructors, or are open to all our members (with prior approval).  We have been running tours annually since 2016 and the experience of going abroad is life-changing.  During the tours members are exposed to Japanese culture, sightseeing and some of the best training in the world.  

Regular training locations for our tours include the Kodokan, Waseda University, Ryushin Shouchi Ryu Hombu dojo, Nihon University, Kisuikan Dojo.  Participants are treated to private instruction from famous judoka during their time in Japan.  Past instructors include Tadayuki Satoh, Kunikazu Yahagi, Yasuyuki Muneta, Noriko Kitada, and Koji Komuro.

Ms. Marie Tadano & Ms. Minori Namba


Hosted at our headquarters in Tigard, Oregon, our exchange program is designed for university students and guest instructors with an interest in teaching in the United States and experiencing all the Pacific Northwest has to offer.  Our program offers terms of stay ranging from one week to one year.  Applicants chosen for the program are allowed to stay at one of two dojo apartments rent and utility free in exchange for teaching classes.

In addition to visitors from Japan and Korea, our domestic members have the opportunity to live and train in Tokyo, Japan.  Zen Ei Kan has a relationship with Waseda University Aikido Club and Judo Club.  Members chosen for the program are able to live at the Waseda dormitory for a very nominal fee and immerse themselves in Japanese culture while they train in Judo and/or Tomiki Aikido.