Boys & Girls Judo & Self-Defense




Written by the late Harold Sharp, this book was published in 2014 and a box of them was presented as a gift to Zen Ei Kan by Sharp Sensei upon his visit to our headquarters in 2019.  Sharp Sensei was a pioneer for Judo in the United States. He was known worldwide for his 1955 book, The Sport of Judo and subsequent books as well as videos. In 1954 he was gifted by the Prince of Japan for great achievements in winning an international judo competition, and being instrumental to the growth of judo after WWII leading to its eventual inclusion in the Olympics.    Sharp Sensei also presented Mr. Martyn with a calligraphy penned in the 1970s by the co-author of his 1969 book, The Techniques of Judo, Shinzo Takagaki.


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